Saturday Spotlight: Lara Segrillo 

This past week we spoke with CityDance student Lara Segrillo. Her mature answers to my questions provided great insight into how to recover from an injury, how to stay constantly inspired, and how to share a deep love of dance. 

I can’t wait to speak with Lara again soon! 

Q: You’re a social media queen with 2K plus followers on Instagram, how did this become a creative outlet for you?

A: Well, when I first started my Instagram, it was to share my personal progress with others and to answer any of their questions about ballet and dance. I believed that if I could prove the known quote ‘practice makes progress’ then dancers that may live miles or ‘lightyears’ might be affected by my personal change!

Q: You took a brief hiatus from dance, what would be the best advice you’d give an injured dancer looking to get back into the game?

A: I would say it’s most important to be completely comfortable with your body and its healing before you begin again. Once you are, make sure you begin slowly, feeling your muscles. Once you begin retraining your body and using the right muscles, take risks, try new things, but never expect anything to come easy. To train your body again, is as if to start from scratch! So they shouldn’t expect immediate results!

Q: You’re half Brazilian, half French and a world traveler, how would you say your global background informs your spirit ?

A: It gives me cultural insight into the reasoning behind some people’s actions whether in the dance world or not. A lot of my character comes from my childhood; changes in my life that I encountered during that time and the differences each culture provides.

Q: When you’re not dancing, you are…

A: Stretching, doing homework, or researching science facts and new technologies. Sometimes, just sometimes, I will watch YouTube videos on how to achieve my middle split!

Q: What are you looking forward to this year— creatively and personally?

A: I am looking forward to feeling strong about my technique and maybe attending YAGP 2014. I hope to continue to grown at this exciting rate!